Little blue truck story time!

This truck has been in the family since I was born - My Dad bought this 1966 Chevrolet truck in 1978. At the time he was 15 and paid a whopping $100 😆 As a teenager he often spent time working under the hood. It’s had a few upgrades over the years like power steering and air conditioning (hallelujah)! If this old truck could talk, it could tell a lot of stories. Once in the early 90’s the truck was stolen and went missing for 2 years before being found in Cedar Town, GA during a routine traffic stop. The truck was sold to someone without them knowing it was a stolen truck 😬 My dad was able to get it back and thankfully it was still in great shape! Even had a new radio - but he was able to return to the owner and get the old one back. Another time my Mom was using the truck to haul furniture in the mid 80’s when the horn started blowing and wouldn’t shut off the whole way from Smyrna to Mableton! 😂 And of course my siblings and I have lots of great memories of my Dad piling us and our friends in the back on Halloween to drive through the neighborhood trick-or-treating. You could always hear the old Chevy coming from a mile away, and she has always brought a smile to everyone’s face. I’m so happy to be able to give this piece of family history a new life that will hopefully bring the joy of flowers wherever she goes in Marietta! 🌷

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Hi. I'm Amelia

I'm a mom to 3 kiddos + lover of fitness and flowers. If I'm not chasing kids, working out or growing & learning about flowers then you can probably find me at the lake with our family.
Born and raised in Kennesaw, GA. Attended college at Ole Miss "Hotty Toddy!" for a Park and Recreation degree - I've always loved the outdoors...Insert our flower truck business! Emma's flower truck was named after my oldest daughter. We are looking forward to spreading our love of flowers and sharing our journey as we grow our little backyard flower farm in Marietta. Thanks for tagging along :)

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